That Blue Square Thing

Stop Frame Animation

In development. Starting to think about some skills for simple computer animation. Proper stop frame with web cams will need to wait for a year I think.

Roller skater

PDF iconIntro slides

PDF iconBasic instructions – getting started

PDF iconUsing layers

I found this took more than a lesson, so there's a recap set of slides for lesson 2:

PDF iconRecap slides

Then a challenge as this took for ever:

PDF iconChallenge slides

Images for basic animation:

PNG image iconRoller skater image

PNG image iconBeach ball full image

PNG image iconDog image


JPEG image iconPark background

JPEG image iconPath background


PNG image iconBallerina full image

Cut up version.

PNG image iconBallerina body

PNG image iconBallerina leg

PNG image iconBallerina left arm

PNG image iconBallerina right arm

Head and torso.

PNG image iconBallerina head

PNG image iconBallerina torso

The Roller skater, ballerina, dog and beach ball images came from Sweet Clip Art, a super-helpful free clip-art site that I've used for years. It is used under the terms specified there – i.e. non-commerical, educational use. The images have been reduced in size and in the case of the ballerina, cut up.

The park background and path background have been downloaded from Vecteezy where they have been uploaded by graphicsrf (Matt Cole) under a free licence, although I have found the same graphics on other sites.