That Blue Square Thing

Scratch Programming - The Platform Game

The platform game is a very simple version of a classic platform game. It uses a black square as its hero.

The game only has one level to start with. It's up to you to design and build the new levels needed.

There's a YouTube video of the game being played here:


1. Download the game - the file is here:

Code iconThe basic Platform game - you may need to right click and Save as to save the game to your computer

You will need to make sure that you know where your game is saved.

2. Open the file:

  1. Go to the Scratch websiteexternal link icon
  2. Click the Try it out button
  3. Enable Flash if necessary
  4. File > Uoload from your computer > find the file and open it

3. Play the game - click the green flag and use the arrow keys to see what happens.

4. Look at the code:

The hero (the black square) is the only sprite. The code on this is quite tricky. Concentrate on the ways that colour blocks are used (the "if touching..." blocks). This is what makes the game work.

5. Design the next levels:

On paper, design what you think will make 3 or 4 good levels. Try and make each level a little more challenging. Perhaps there are more red blocks, or the yellow block is high up? You could try and include some new blocks or power-up items if you feel brave.

6. Build the next level:

  1. Click on the Stage icon at the bottom left - just to the left of the hero sprite
  2. Click on the Backdrops tab at the top - this will show you that you currently have two backdrops to use
  3. Click on the second backdrop (backdrop1). This is where you build the next level
  4. To create a new level, paint a new backdrop (the paintbrush icon above the StartStage backdrop)

Each level needs a black baseline drawn for the hero to bounce on.