Working with Scratch Projects

Saving and Loading Scratch Projects:

Scratch starter helper imageUnless you sign up for a free Scratch account, you need a way of saving your work so that you can continue working on it in another session.

This is easy enough to do.

You'll need to be working in Scratch, so...

  1. Make sure you're working on the Scratch website (opens in a new tab)
  2. Click Create at the top to start programming

I'll show you how to save a project first, and then how to load one you already have saved.

Save a project

I'll assume you've done some programming and need to save your work for the next session.

  1. Scratch save file helper imageAt the top left, click File
  2. Choose Save to your computer

    This will download the file. It will be called something like Scratch Project, which isn't that helpful a name

  3. Go to your Downloads folder
  4. Right click on the Scratch Project file and choose Rename to give it a new name

    Call the file something that describes what the program does

  5. IMPORTANT: drag your file into your OneDrive

    If you leave it in your Downloads folder at school it will get deleted when you log off

Giving your Scratch file a sensible name is really important.

Loading a project

This is the easy bit...

  1. Scratch load file helper imageAt the top left, click File
  2. Choose Load from your computer
  3. Find the file – it's probably in your OneDrive if you're at school
  4. Upload the file

This should bring your file in as it was when you first used it.

Makes sure you download the finished file at the end of your session.