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Python Programming - Teaching Python

So, there are lots of online teach yourself Python courses.

But I looked and, well, I want something that builds the ideas more slowly and takes it step by step. A bit like I've gotten used to with Open University courses. I think that style works. So, heck, why not add my own course?

In particular, someone in my tutor group admitted to totally failing to get along with Python coding. I figured he needed a hand. He's my guinea pig for this course. If it works then that's grand. If it doesn't...

This will take a long time to get going. It will probably never be totally complete and might stall for months on end sometimes. That's OK; it's the way life works.

Basic Python

First, this is all written for Python 3.4.2 or thereabouts. I don't want to confuse anyone. I know some people say Python 2 is better. I don't care - we use 3.4.2 at school. If you're using a different version then good luck. I'm hoping that as Python develops this will still be valid stuff. We'll see.

So, if you're using this at home download and install Python and fire up IDLE - the Integrated Development Environment for Python. If you're at school, IDLE should be right there.

It's also worth noting that I have style conventions I tend to keep to. I'll add spaces between print and the brackets - because I do. I'll use camelCase for variable names - because I do. I'll use + symbols for concatenation - because I do. I know there are other ways to do all of these things. I'll probably add notes about that into the guides at some point when I have time.

User Guides

These are PDF docs. There's three to start with... They are Beta - i.e. in testing...

PDF iconPart 01 - Printing in Python

PDF iconPart 02 - Using variables - just strings here

PDF iconPart 03 - Number variables - adds integers and floats

At some point I might get around to creating some text files of some of the more complex code to allow answers to be checked I suppose...