That Blue Square Thing

Smart Skillz I

This unit tries to develop all the skills Year 7s need without being too boring. It also tries to make people think – what, back in the day, I'd have called meta-cognition, although that term appears to have been hijacked these days

1 – Logging on

The basics. This generally takes two lessons, which is just fine. The webquest keeps people busy while you're sorting out the problems, but is quite interesting in its own right.

PDF iconLogging on slides

PDF iconWebquest sheet

PDF iconWebquest questions (for web)

PDF iconWebquest answers

PDF iconWebquest unpacking slides

There's also a survey I send out. I need to wrangle that in Google form at some point.

2 – Most Likely To...

A classic thinking task about passwords.

PDF iconMost Likely To sheet

PDF iconMost Likely To slides

3 – True or False – the Acceptable Use Policy

Another classic thinking exercise.

PDF iconTrue or False sheet

PDF iconSlides for web

PDF iconSlides with answers

Then there's a task to get started with - this might come in anywhere in 2 or 3 really. Or even in 1. Depends on how much people have done before. It leads on to 4 and communicating work to others.

PDF iconE-safety task slide

PDF iconMarkgrid for task

4 – Communicating safely

E-mail and so on.

PDF iconTF slides for web

PDF iconTF slides with answers

PDF iconE-mail slides

5 – What's Up Sabrina?

A mystery. If time is short I'll leave this out if I have to, although I do like the task. This is high level thinking and filtering of information and warrants unpacking properly.

PDF iconTask slide

PDF iconMystery cards

PDF iconUnpacking slides

PDF iconAgony aunt task – as an extension

6 – Cyber bullying 5W

Another thinking task, predicated on children often sitting in school answering questions all day long. Why shouldn't they ask some? Works best in pairs.

PDF iconTask slides

PDF iconCyberbullying slide

PDF iconSheet to write questions on

7 – Cyber bullying letter

Writing a letter with cyber bullying packed up in it. Literacy and layout in one hit. May take more than one lesson with the opportunity to print and give feedback between the lessons.

This is another task I might leave out if I can't find time for it.

PDF iconTask slides

PDF iconThe letter

8 – E-safety quiz

Make a quiz in Scratch - which leads on to more Scratch work. I find a lot of children have never programmed in Scratch (yes, I know they should have). This is a bit different from making the cat do a dance and has some proper programming packed in with it.

Multiple lessons – one to plan, one or two to make. Because it's worth doing properly.

PDF iconWhat is e-safety?

PDF iconPlanning task slide

PDF iconPlanning sheet

PDF iconQuiz algorithm slide

PDF iconMaking task slide

PDF iconSelection and Variables

PDF iconInstructions to print

PDF iconBlocks to use slides

A couple of more advanced ideas"

PDF iconGiving feedback at the end of the quiz

PDF iconUsing broadcasts to check answers – which makes your program a lot shorter