That Blue Square Thing

The Haunted House story

A storytelling task - because stories are cool.

In front of you stands the old house. What lies inside? That's for you to decide...

PowerPoint iconHaunted House PowerPoint - download this and open it.

The PowerPoint is where you tell the story. Make sure to make it a cool and interesting story with plenty of spooky details.

To move around the Haunted House you'll need to add hyperlinks to the PowerPoint. Use the instruction sheet to find out how to do this.

PowerPoint iconInstructions for adding hyperlinks - use the instructions to help you move around the haunted house.

The Task:

Tell an interesting interactive story inside the haunted house. Use your imagination and make the story as interesting as you can.

You have all of your lessons this week to complete this task. The story can keep expanding however you want it to.