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Flowol Programming

Flowol is classic control and monitoring software - stuff that was always a part of the ICT curriculum. It got kind of forgotten over the years and seems to be used in fairly simple ways in many schools as far as I can tell.

But it's better than that. Adding the use of variables in Flowol allows some of the basics of programming to be taught in an easy to code way. Stuff like repetition, variable assignment and conditional code is the basis of programming at whatever level.

PowerPoint iconUsing Subroutines - a PowerPoint for use in class with the Big Wheel mimic to develop the idea of subroutines and why modularisation forms the basis of many software development projects

PowerPoint iconRepetition - a PowerPoint for use in class with the Lighthouse mimic to introduce variables and their use to control a process

PowerPoint iconBig Wheel Safety Challenge - a PowerPoint with Pseudo Code to add the gate closed challenge for the Big Wheel mimic

Flowol is paid for software I'm afraid - although it seems to lurk around in many secondary schools - and an increasing number of primary schools.
You can find out more on the Flowol websiteexternal link icon

Flowol Challenges

These are designed to be chosen by students depending on their interest and ability. In general terms they get harder down the page (although I can't decide which is harder: the wheel or the robot).

PDF iconThe Lighthouse Challenge - requires the use of variables

PDF iconThe Big Wheel Challenge - the gate closed safety feature is handy to use with this

PDF iconThe Robot Challenge - encourages the use of the random feature with multi-condition statements (could probably use some pseudo-code to make this easier to deal with)

PDF iconThe Train Set Challenge - a fairly open ended challenge

There's plenty more stuff on the internet about Flowol of course and I'm sure children could come up with interesting programming challenges using it as well.

I'm assuming the use of Flowol 4 in all of these by the way. I don't have access to older versions so I'm not sure how exactly they differ. There's no use of the mimic creation program or any of the physical kits - although I'm sure they could be added it.