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Cyber-bullying can happen in many different ways, just like regular bullying. And, just like regular bullying, it's something we need to try to stamp out.

Cyber-bullying can include things like:

At school there are things we can do about problems like cyber-bullying. But people also need help and advice. Sometimes that includes the bullies who might not realise that they are doing something wrong.

The Task

Design and create a poster about cyber-bullying for your ICT classroom. The poster needs to tell people how to deal with cyber-bullying.

The poster needs to:

Let's break this task down into sections. It's important to do this so that you end up with a really good piece of work rather than just an OK piece.

1. The target audience - who is the poster aimed at? What sort of people will look at it? How old are they? What will your poster have to do to be effective?

2. Gather ideas - it might be a good idea to do some research on what sort of advice other people give about cyber-bullying. Thinkuknow is a good place to start.

3. Share ideas - use the Wallwisher wall to share ideas with other people in your class about cyber-bullying. Remember that the focus needs to be on what people should do about it.

4. Design - jot some ideas down, perhaps with a sketch. What will you include on the poster? What sorts of images? What sorts of colours? Remember, posters need to really stand out.

5. Make it - now go and make the poster. Remember, it has to go on the wall so you'll need to be able to print it!

6. Get some feedback - get at least three people to look at your poster. What do they think? Write down who they are and what they said about your poster.

Remember, the aim of getting feedback is to improve your work. You want useful feedback, so don't just ask people who you think will say that your work is ace even if it's not!

7. Improve it - you've got feedback, now improve the poster. Really aim for your best bit of work here.

8. Evaluate it - use the evaluation sheet below to reflect on your work.

MS Word iconPoster evaluation sheet