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This is not a unit I will teach.

BUT... over the years I've taught a handful of people who are seriously good photographers. Most of those people would have loved this unit.

So - if, and only if, you have a "proper" digital camera and you have a passion for taking pictures with it - preferably with a vague clue about how to change some of the settings - then, and only then, you might come and see me and ask me about this unit.

I'm serious. This is a photography unit, not an image editing unit. You need to be able to take really good photos to do it.

What do you mean about the camera?

What do I mean by a "proper" digital camera? I'm talking about a DSLR which allows you to change settings and has a reasonable lens. It doesn't have to be amazingly fancy, but it won't be a compact camera unless it's very high end, and it certainly won't be your phone.

The camera pictured at the top of the page would be more than good enough.