Recipe Card project on That Blue Square Thing

R082 Graphics - Recipe Card Project

Project Brief

Everyone knows it's important to eat healthily.

Everyone knows it's important to eat breakfast.

But it's hard to do those things even most of the time. Everyone needs a hand every now and again.

The scenario

A local charity, Hunger Busterz wants to help encourage kids to eat a healthy breakfast before they go to school. They want to create a series of healthy eating recipe cards that can be given out to kids at school and can be downloaded from their website. The breakfast ideas need to be easy to make, healthy, fun and cheap and the recipe cards need to be attractive for kids aged 10 to 14.

Your client, a local charity called Hunger Busterz, would like you to produce a prototype recipe card which features one breakfast recipe suitable for printing and for online use as a graphic image.

The recipe card should be produced as a single sided digital graphic. It should include a range if appropriate text and images to make it suitable for the intended purpose and the target audience.

Hunger Busterz requires two versions of the digital graphic. One will be of suitable quality to be printed in full colour in a commercial printers. It needs to be 148mm wide x 104 mm high.

The graphic should then be re-purposed for use online on the Hunger Busterz website at a lower resolution. This should be 420 pixels wide to fit the online format.

The project

This is a practice project brief. It is not part of your final assessment, but the style is similar.

It is a creating digital graphics project. That means that the emphasis is on producing really high quality image files - and that means learning how to use Photoshop at a decent level.

You also need to learn how to plan products effectively, how to research and source digital graphics and how to produce the supporting documentation you'll need in your assessed piece.