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June 2019: I'm starting to build this area of the site properly just now. This means that there's a lot of gaps right now and I'll be adding content only as I come to teach it.

Creative iMedia - Creating Digital Graphics

Exporting Finished Photoshop Images

Once your image has been created you need to export it in suitable formats.

You will amost certainly need two separate exports:

  1. a strong quality image suitable for sending to a commercial printer
  2. a lower quality image suitable for using on a web page. This will probably also need resizing

Tasks that require this sort of exporting include the Halden postcard task and the DVD cover design task.

How to Export

Follow the instructions carefulyl and make sure that you evidence the sizes of your final work using screenshots.

PDF iconExporting Photoshop files - how to export

You need to make sure that your files are named suitably and stored carefully in folders. We only want to see the files for the actual production of the product - not any of the documents where you wrote about the design and so on.

PDF iconGathering Evidence of Filenames - the sorts of things you need to show (note: screenshots are from OSX, not Windows)