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June 2019: I'm starting to build this area of the site properly just now. This means that there's a lot of gaps right now and I'll be adding content only as I come to teach it.

Creative iMedia - Creating Digital Graphics

Advanced Photoshop Skills

I need to work on developing this page to add more skills, but for starters here are some resources I had around the place that might be helpful.

Removing Backgrounds

The way you work on the background will depend on how complex the image is.

PDF iconRemoving simple backgrounds

PDF iconRemoving complex backgrounds - using layer masks

Recolouring Images

You can recolour an image using tools in Photoshop. This will let you change the colour of an image entirely, or you can change the colour of part of an image.

These are exactly the type of skills you need to be able to show off for this unit.

PDF iconRecolouring - more use of layer masks

Combining Images

You'll need to bring all of your images together on to the base document you set up initially.

PDF iconCombining Images

Working with Text

Adding text to documents is always going to be needed. You can show some great skills at this stage as well.

PDF iconAdding Text - and working with it