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Creative iMedia - Creating Digital Graphics

Setting up a Photoshop Image

When you're ready to create a digital graphic you need to make sure to set your Photoshop document up in the right way.

PDF iconPixels Per Inch Theory - slides about why it's important to set up a document correctly, especially when it has to suitable for sending to a commercial printer

Here's how to setup a basic Photoshop document.

PDF iconPhotoshop Setup

Repurposing assets

Then, once you have your assets, you can get them ready to use by changing them to 300 PPI, cropping and doing any work needed on the backgrounds.

PDF iconConverting the PPI of an image

More Complex Setup

This shows you how to use rulers, grids and guides to setup a more complex type of document.

PDF iconSetting up a DVD Cover

The whole task (and help sheets) can be found on the Photoshop Intro page.