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R081 - Pre-production Skills - exam unit

Exam Preparation - Answers

Markschemes for the exam questions are included below. These allow you to check your answers.

Note that markschemes will usually accept sensible answers which actually answer the question, so points that might get marks may not be on the specific markscheme.

In iMedia, the context of the question is incredibly important. This means that the product you are being asked about - for example, a visualisation diagram for a full page magazine advert is crucial. If you ignore the context and simply write down a list of four things that might be on any old visualisation diagram then you might not get any of the marks.

Visualisation Diagrams

Markschemes: Exam 1 (Fresh n fruity) - Exam 2 (Fresh n fruity 2) - Exam 3 (WalkyTalk) - Exam 4 (WalkyTalk 2) - Exam 5 (City Rocks) - Exam 6 (City Rocks 2) - Exam 7 (Norfolk Museums)

The questions are here

Mind Maps

Markschemes: Exam 1 (Maths Wizards) - Exam 2 (Maths Wizards 2) - Exam 3 (Norfolk Museums) - Exam 4 (Norfolk Museums 2) - Exam 5 (WalkyTalk)

The questions are here

Mood Boards

Markschemes: Exam 1 (Winter Wonder) - Exam 2 (Winter Wonder 2) - Exam 3 (Team Pony) - Exam 4 (Team Pony 2) - Exam 5 (City Rocks)

The questions are here


Markschemes: Exam 1 (Winter Wonder) - Exam 2 (Team Pony) - Exam 3 (Space Explorer) - Exam 4 (East Norfolk Railway)

The questions are here