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R081 - Pre-production Skills - exam unit


PDF iconScripts Key Learning slides - slides to tell you everything you need to know

The Key Learning slides can be used to answer the questions:

PDF iconScripts Questions - just the questions

PDF iconScripts Workbook - the same questions with spaces for answers

PDF iconScripts Knowledge Summary - a printable sheet which summarises the key learning from the slides

Scripts are a little different, so it might help to find out a bit more about them.

PDF iconWhy use a script? - a list of products scripts might be used for

PDF iconFive elements on scripts - a little more detail on five things that might be on a script

A short (1:54) video talking you through the parts of a script:

There are two quizzes you can try to test your understanding:

Quiz iconQuiz 1

Quiz iconQuiz 2 (T/F)

You can find exam questions about scripts on the exam questions page.