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R081 - Pre-production Skills - exam unit


PDF iconKey Learning Slides - these slides will give you all the key points you need to know

The Key Learning slides can be used to answer the questions on the questions sheets:

PDF iconStoryboard Questions - just the questions

PDF iconStoryboard Workbook - the same questions with spaces for answers

World iconExample storyboard - for an interview about a kayaking event for a news report

There's a video to show you how to make this:

There are other videos linked at the bottom of the page.

Key Jobs and Camera Shots

It's useful to know some of the key jobs to do with video production. This can come up in the exam.

PDF iconKey Jobs Slides - tell you the key points

PDF iconKey Jobs Questions - use the slides to answer these

Camera shots also come up on the exam from time to time. There are some things you need to know about these.

PDF iconCamera Shots Slides - tell you the key points

PDF iconCamera Shots Questions - use the slides to answer these

Example Storyboards

It's important to think about the notes that would need to be added to these storyboards in order to make these helpful for a commercial video shoot or animation.

Using Storyboards in Video Production

Storyboards are most frequently used in video product production. It will help if you know a bit more about the jobs involved in video production and about camera shots used:

World iconKey jobs in video production

World iconCamera shots used

You can find questions about these on the Exam Prep page.

Video Resources

A really good video from the Australian Centre for the Moving Image about how storyboards are used. Short (2:10) and well worth watching:

Some other YouTube videos you might find helpful:

Storyboard templates

There are plenty of storyboard templaes available on the web. Exam storyboards always use the same template:

World iconBlank exam style storyboard - for printing

The exam board produces one that you could use in a portfolio if you needed to:

This is a template produced by OCR which you are allowed to use. I'm providing it here because it's easier to do that than put it somewhere else. I'm not claiming it's mine and haven't changed it in any way (not even to make the header rows work properly...)