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R081 - Pre-production Skills - exam unit

Visualisation Diagrams

PDF iconKey Learning Slides - these slides will give you all the key points you need to know

The Key Learning slides can be used to answer the questions on the questions sheets:

PDF iconVisualisation Diagram Questions - just the questions

PDF iconVisualisation Diagram Workbook - the same questions with spaces for answers

There are two quizzes you can try to test your understanding:

Quiz 1 - Quiz 2 (T/F)

Visualisation diagrams can also be produced digitally using software packages, but the best examples usually use pencils and paper.

You may want to use colour directly on your diagrams. That's fine, but there's no need to.

You can find exam questions dealing with visualisation diagrams on the exam prep page.

PDF iconVisualisation Diagrams - slides with a very brief summary

PDF iconVisualisation Diagrams - more detail and suitable for exam revision