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R081 - Pre-production Skills - exam unit

Visualisation Diagrams

PDF iconVisualisation Diagrams - slides with a very brief summary

PDF iconVisualisation Diagrams - more detail and suitable for exam revision

Visualisation diagrams can lso be produced onscreen using software packages, but the best examples usually use pencils and paper.

You may want to use colour directly on your diagrams. That's fine, but there's no need to.

Colour and Fonts

Colour choices need to be thought about carefully. There are all sorts of theories about different colours and how they work together.

PDF iconColour Theory - some key ideas about colours and how they work together

Different colours have different emotions and ideas associated with them. Don't treat this as set in stone, but the ideas might help you make a choice.

PDF iconColour Choices - what different colours mean

There are some other ideas about colour theory at:

PDF iconFont Choices - how to use different fonts