Meet the Wizard SPB on That Blue Square Thing

Meet the Wizard



You need to make sure you save all the work you do in the correct folders.

Create a folder called WIZARD. Make sure all of your work is stored in this folder.

Products you create are shown by this symbol product icon.

Other evidence you need to save is shown by this symbol evidence icon.

Make sure you name files carefully and make sure not to delete work that you will need.


In this project most of what you need to use you will create yourself. The main exception will probably be music and sound files.

You must keep a record of any assets you use. You might be asked to do this in an assets table or to simply keep a list of sources. Your teacher will tell you which they prefer.

You should describe each asset and any changes you make to them, how and where it is used in the project and details of any permission needed.

evidence iconMake sure you keep a record of any secondary sources you use.


You must comply with copyright throughout the project.

This means that you cannot just use images or sounds you find on the internet. They must be copyright free. In this project this is less of a problem anyway as you need to be mainly using graphics that you create yourself.