Meet the Wizard SPB on That Blue Square Thing

Meet the Wizard


Your animation needs to introduce your wizard character to the children.

The animation must:

Make sure that your animation allows your wizard to show off their tricks. They need to be able to move their arms, legs or head separately, perhaps to move their mouth and/or eyes and use props such as a magic wand or spellbook.

evidence iconProduce a storyboard with timings to show your ideas for the animation.

product iconCreate the animation.

Making the animation:

Your animation needs to be made using either stop frame or motion tween animation techniques. You can combine both of these.

It would be best to make the animation 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels high.

It might be helpful to make a background for the animation. This can be done in Paint or another graphics package, but you should try and produce the background(s) yourself - it's not hard to do this.

It may well be easiest to export the animation as a video file and to add sound in video editing software.