Think Click SPB on That Blue Square Thing

Think, Click


You need to design and make an e-safety buddy such as "Cyber Squirrel" or "Online Ollie". This should be a cartoon creature which will appeal to Key Stage 2 children.

Your e-safety buddy will appear on all the products you make so it needs to be created as an image file on the computer.

You MUST NOT simply use an image you find online. The e-safety buddy must be an original piece of work produced by you!

It will probably be helpful to make the background of your buddy image transparent. This will mean you can use it on any background colour without a problem.

PDF iconInstructions for making backgrounds transparent

Buddy Choices Document

After you've made your e-safety buddy it's a good idea to explain the reasons for the choices you made. One great way to do this is in a Buddy Choices Document. This allows you to evidence your work.