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Sound Editing

Editing sound is a key multimedia skill. It can come in handy in lots of different places.

Ringtone making is one place you can use this. Using Audacitywiki link - an absolutely free piece of software - makes this an easy job.

PDF iconThree ringtone tasks

PDF iconWave FM Jingle task

Audacity User Guides

PDF iconA one page Audacity user guide

PDF iconAdvanced Audacity features - particularly editing volume in a track

PDF iconReducing Audacity file size

There are simpler instructions on the Key Stage 3 Audio editing page if you need them.

The key Audacity controls are shown in the image below:

Audacity controls annotated on an image

Sound Resources

Try and make sure your sound resources are copyright free where possible. Try these:

If you need a password to access files then contact me.


To be able to export Audacity files as MP3s you need to get the lame encoder and install it. This is really easy if you follow the instructions on the Audacity websitewiki link really carefully.

MP3 files have all sorts of advantages - they're smaller, easier to manipulate and can be used easily. So you really need to get Lame...