Quiz SPB on That Blue Square Thing

The Quiz Project


You should now create the four linked pages for your website. Use the design on the planning page as a guide.

In particular, note that:

There is no need to add fancy content to any of the pages other than the question page. You can develop these pages once you have everything else done if you like.

PDF file iconSetup a site in a WebPlus X7

PDF file iconHow to use buttons in WebPlus X7

Adding the Clue

Once you have your website built and working you need to add a clue to the question page. You can find more details about the clue on the Movie Clue page.

Once your site is fully built you will need to export it.

A+ Tip: A major park of this project is developing a consistent website with pages, colours etc... all set up right. If you can do that then you can pass at GCSE.