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You should now create the three linked pages for your website. Use your structure chart, page designs and page template to help you.

You will need to make sure all the assets you plan to use are saved somewhere sensible. Try and only use copyright free assets.

Building the Website

As you build your website make sure:

Test the pages in your website regularly as you develop it.

evidence iconMake sure you update your assets table as you go along. Include every image or other asset you use. Make sure that you include evidence of how you edited assets to make them suitable.

PDF iconNotes on designing great websites - some key points to take care with

A+ Tip: Adding multimedia elements to your website is a great way to make it more sophisticated. An animated banner and an animated gif as a logo would help do this. Take a look at the multimedia page to see what else you could do.


Ask your test buddy to test your website and give you feedback.

evidence iconRecord the feedback your test buddy has given you and your thoughts about it.

Make any changes to your website that you need to make.

product iconSave the final pages of your website. The home page should be saved as index.html