Think Click SPB on That Blue Square Thing

Gorleston Tourist Board


To make sure that your website is consistent across every page, you will need to create a page template.

The page template must include:

Create your page template.

A+ Tip: You might choose to make your banner as an animated banner using your animation skills. You could also include an animated logo (made as a GIF). These would both add multimedia elements to your website which is a great way to get more marks.

PDF iconBanner storyboard - if you need to plan your banner first

PDF iconMaking a Banner - Photoshop - a guide to banner making

PDF iconCreating the Page Template - a guide to using WebPlus X7 to do this

For more image editing tips see That Blue Square Thing.


evidence iconTake screenshots of your page template to show what you have done. Annotate the screenshots to explain your decisions.