Think Click SPB on That Blue Square Thing

Gorleston Tourist Board


You must come up with ideas for the website first.

Read the scenario carefully before you plan your site. Remember that it must have three pages.

You should also read the Page Template page as this includes some things you must include on every page of your website. The website page might also have some important ideas on it.

evidence iconCreate a structure chart that shows:

You should write on your structure chart to explain your ideas.

A+ Tip: It might be a good idea to look at some tourist information websites for other places in the UK. How do they promote themselves? Taking ideas from other places is a good way to end up with a better website.


You must get your test buddy to look at your structure chart and give you feedback. You should note down any changes you plan to make as a result of their comments.

evidence iconRecord the feedback your test buddy has given you and your thoughts about it.

Show your structure to your teacher and get their approval before you continue.

A+ Tip: The more feedback you get the better. To prove you got feedback you do need to find a way to record it. This could be in a document or even as an audio file.