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Gorleston Tourist Board


It might be helpful to include some multimedia elements on your website. These will attract attention and look great if they are done well.

There are two multimedia elements you could easily include.

Photo Gallery

A gallery of photos which automatically moves on after a few seconds is really easy to add using WebPlus. This is a technique really commonly used on tourist websites and is well worth adding.

Choose one page to add a photo gallery to. Use at least 4 photos in the gallery. Make sure that it autoplays and loops properly. Experiment with how long each photo should stay on screen.

Stills Movie

Creating a simple movie made up of still images lets you add captions and sound to pictures more easily. It's the sort of thing tourist websites use on their homepage.

Create a stills movie that lasts about 30 seconds.

The movie should:

Create your movie. Save it and export it as an MP4 file.

Embed your movie on the homepage of your website.

A+ Tip: Using transitions such as cross-fades between images will really help to make your movie better. You could also think about fading the music out at the end. A good choice of music is a really important part of this product.


Ask your test buddy to test your website with the multimedia elements in it to check that it works and give you feedback.

evidence iconAdd the feedback your test buddy has given you to your website feedback document.

Make any changes to your website that you need to make.

product iconSave the final pages of your website.