That Blue Square Thing

Flash Animation

Flash animations pop up all over the internet. Sometimes they're adverts, sometimes just interesting banners and sometimes other stuff. They're quite a good thing to know a little bit about.

There are some pretty big problems with Flash animations as well. They can be clunky and take resources. Most importantly, iPhones and iPads just won't run them.

Disco Advert

You can use Flash to create an advert for a cool school disco (aren't all school discos cool? By definition?).

This job needs lots of flashing lights, glitter balls and maybe some kewl looking text. It's the perfect job to learn lots of Flash skills with.

PDF iconFlash basics - a simple guide

PDF iconFlashing Lights

PDF iconGlitter Balls

PDF iconCool Text

PDF iconTweening Shapes

Treat this as a learning process. You won't get it right first time! The help guides get more complex as you work through them.

Flash Banner Task

Flash banners are a really common thing to see on the web. They're dead easy to make as well.

You must produce an animated banner for a web site. The banner can be about any subject you choose.

Your animated banner must:

Here's an example of the sort of thing you could make quite easily (yours should really be a bit better (and cooler) than this).

Use the help sheets below to get the basic idea of how to do this, and then use all your Flash skills to do the best job you can.

PDF iconFlash Banner Tasksheet - a more detailed version of the task above really

PDF iconSetting up a banner - how to start

PDF iconAnimated text - moving text on a banner

PDF iconFading text and images

MS Word iconFlash banner storyboard - right click and Save As

This will take a bit of planning and some skill. Don't worry if it doesn't look great first time - I made loads of mistakes when I made my banner too!

It's quite interesting to learn how to make a mask layer as well:

PDF iconCreating a mask layer