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Exam Prep

The CIDA and DIDA courses are now finished and will not run anymore.
I’ll keep these pages up for a while as there are some useful resources for me on them. Any future resources will be on the Creative iMedia pages.

For the CIDA web design exam.

There are detailed guides to work through some of the exam papers on the 4 Toonz Radio, Smarts Leisure Park and Recycle Drive pages. The Crawdale Summer Sports resources take you through a completed paper and ask you to mark it.

The key to remember in an exam is S I M C A T E.

PDF iconS is for Setup

PDF iconI is for Images

PDF iconM is for Master

PDF iconC is for Content - including images, audio and video files

PDF iconA is for Accessibility - dealing with visually impaired users

PDF iconT is for Testing

PDF iconE is for Evaluation - originally written by Niall who never tired of telling people he got an A in his exam...

There's also a worksheet that you might want to print and work through. If you can answer most of these questions then you can probably cope with most things in the exam. Note that this is written for use with WebPlus X6.

PDF iconExam Tasks Worksheet

Create Mag Exam

I've tried to develop a way of working through this exam which explains how to do the more difficult tasks.

PDF iconCreate Mag Exam Tasks

Some general points:

I took screenshots of a couple of the pages I made to show you the sorts of things I mean:

PDF iconSample Pages

Useful skills

The Image Editing page has a number of useful skills bits on it, including reformatting and resizing images in Paint.

PDF iconMaking a banner - a key skill in every exam paper. Make sure to read the paper to get the width right.

PDF iconAdvanced Textbox Skills - setting the width and height of text frames, adding borders an floating images ot the right. These are commonly used skills

PDF iconRollover Navigation Buttons - creating rollover navigation buttons. This is a key skills that you need beyond using standard navigation bars. This method uses the Button editor built in to WebPlus.

To reduce the size of text on a button just resize the textbox in the button editor. I only just discovered this (because it's so intuitive...) so it needs adding to the guide.

PDF iconUsing Hex Codes - setting specific colours using Hex Codes. This is increasingly being asked for so it's a good idea to know how to do this

PDF iconTips on Colour Schemes

PDF iconRollover images - the general use of rollovers on pages

PDF iconUsing Hotspots - these let you make part of a page into a hyperlink

PDF iconUsing HTML Tags - a quick and easy way to add H2 or H4 tags to a page

PDF iconSections and Anchors - this very occasionally comes up

Multimedia Assets

Sound, video and animations will cause some issues in exams. In particular, you may need to convert audio or video files first.

PDF iconUsing animations - inserting Flash (SWF files) and Animated GIFs

PDF iconDealing with audio files - which will need to be converted to either MP3 or WAV

PDF iconDealing with video files - which will need to converted to MP4 format first

Exam Paper Guidelines

The exam papers (so far) have tended to include pretty similar things. There are bits, though, which are certainly "Tricky" and you have to know how to read the exam paper - and what the paper means.

I've picked these out - it helps to know what they are so that you can avoid the mistakes that people seem to make.

PDF iconSmarts Leisure Park - Tricky Bits - note that this was the sample exam piece

PDF iconRecycle Drive - Tricky Bits - January 2014

PDF icon4Toonz Radio - Tricky Bits - Summer 2014

Note that I can't put the whole of an exam paper up here. If I teach you then see me or contact me and I can send you one directly.