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Project Review

The CIDA and DIDA courses are now finished and will not run anymore.
I’ll keep these pages up for a while as there are some useful resources for me on them. Any future resources will be on the Creative iMedia pages.

The project review should be the last thing you write. It will need to be a fairly long piece of writing.

It need to include three sections. If you only deal with 2 of the 3 sections it will reduce your mark to a maximum of 1 out of 5 - so make sure you cover them all.

This is one of the few pieces of work you can do at home. There are instructions on one way to write it at home at the end of this page.
If you're planning on writing it at home, it might be useful to take some photos and/or videos of your work so that you can remember what it looked and sounded like.

Section 1 - Evaluate products:

Go through each product one by one. This means you need to write a section about each of the things you made for the SPB (not your e-portfolio).

Evaluate how successful it is – how good is it for the target audience? How well does it do the job it needs to do?

You could identify strengths and weaknesses – things that are good about it and things that might be improved. Do this for each of the things you made.

The biggest mistake people make is to not be evaluative here. You need to say how good it is for the audience and purpose it is intended for. Don’t just say it’s great or rubbish – actually evaluate

Image iconSee an example of a simple way to lay this out.

The example above isn't that detailed and doesn't mention the target audience and purpose of the product really. Better evaluations will have this. There's a rather better example below:

Image iconA better example. Note that this is for a simple product. For more complex products I'd expect to see more written.

Section 2 - End of Project Reviewer:

A named person needs to look at your final product (the whole thing with all the products).

They need to go through and identify strengths and weaknesses and pick out things you might improve.

You then need to write this up. You could try and test your work with someone in the target audience if possible.

Include a paragraph where you respond to your end of project reviewer to say whether or not you agree with their comments. This is really important.

Image iconLook at an example of how you might start this section.

Image iconExample of a response to feedback.

Section 3 - Improvements:

Suggest things that you would do better next time (don’t just say "I’d do more work and do it better").

These are likely to come out of your evaluation – the weaknesses that you and your end of project reviewer have identified. If you've already dealt with improvements in some detail in sections 2 and 3 then say that and then use a bullet list to summarise the key improvements you would make.

Image iconA way to briefly do this - this will do if you've already written quite a lot about the improvements.

Writing the work:

To write this at home it might be easier to use a Google Document. This means you don't need Word or anything - and you should be able to get to your work in school and at home and keep working on it.

To do this: (NB: guide below with screen shots if you need more help)

  1. Log in to your school e-mail
  2. At the top right of the screen you will see 9 squares next to your google icon.
  3. Click the 9 squares > choose Drive
  4. This opens Google Drive - click to get rid of any help boxes that appear.
  5. Click New at the top left > choose Google Docs. A new Google Doc will open up
  6. Write your project review. Don't worry about formatting it fancily - just write it. It should save automatically - check the top of the screen to make sure
  7. When you need to stop just close it down - it will save OK almost every time if you checked the top of the screen
  8. In school: once you're completely done - all three parts - click File > Download as > Microsoft Word and save your work as a Word document.
  9. Now you can make it look nice - headings and subheadings please

PDF iconusing Google Docs guide - with screen shots

Your Project Review will probably be the last thing you link to your E-portfolio. It will need to be a Word document or a PDF document to link - you can't link a Google Document to your e-portfolio.

It's fine to use Word to write the project review at home, but make sure you bring the most up to date version into school to keep on working on it. One advantage of a Google Doc is that it you can always access the most up to date version - so any work you do at school is already there when you open it at home.