That Blue Square Thing


Most of this page needs a rewrite. So it's been removed temporarily.

Pop-Up Warnings

Example pop-up messageSometimes you want to pop up a little warning box when a user opens a page.

I might do this if I had embedded a movie or sound file that might not work for every user. The box might warn them that there are embedded movie or sound files and that these might not run in every browser. And that they might need to run the movie files by clicking links to open them instead.

You just need to insert some HTML on a page:

Code to run a JavaScript popup

Text file iconThe code in a text file so you can copy and paste it...

The code you've entered uses JavaScript. This is a simple programming language that generally works pretty well in most browsers. The pop-up box will look a bit different in different web browsers but should still work. You can do all sorts of quite interesting stuff using JavaScript. (Geek note: JavaScript is nothing to do with the programming language Java)