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The Wildcare site

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This series of tasks is presented only using this webpage. That's deliberate - it's the way you need to get used to working. Bookmark this page and you can always come back to it if you're lost.

The WildCare Trust is a charity that works to protect endangered species. For more information about the WildCare Trust, click herewiki link.

You need to produce a website which will provide information on four species which are critically endangered.

The site must:

  1. have a homepage featuring images of the four species. When the images are clicked they must link to new pages with information about them
  2. the homepage needs to feature the Wildcare logo
  3. the homepage needs to have a short introduction to the work of Wildcare
  4. the information pages should be suitable for 11-16 year old readers
  5. the information pages must include at least one image of the species
  6. each information page needs a way of returning to the homepage

Planning what to do

Don't spend too long planning, but it is important you understand what you need to do to create a successful final product.

PDF iconA summary of the task you'll need to complete

PDF iconA sitemap for the Wildcare site

MS word iconPlanning document to complete

Your finished site should probably look something like this:

Sitemap for the Wildcare site

Endangered Species

A list of species has been provided for you. You should start by searching this list to find the four critically endangered species you will feature in the website. The choice is yours - but they must all be critically endangered

MS Excel iconList of endangered species - right click and Save As

Some ideas...

You might want to think about:

Make sure you test your pages thoroughly after they've been made.


There's help with images and animated logos if you need them.