Han Solo's Bad Day

The story carries on...

Note that this page includes a Flash animation. This will (obviously) not run in an iPad or IPod or on the version of Google Chrome we use in school (copy and paste the url into Internet Explorer to see it).

Han Solo and Luke were walking back to the ship. Han Solo had bought some flowers for Princess Leia.

Luke spotted something going on by the ship. "Stormtroopers" he said.

"Oh no" said Han Solo. "The Droids will be in trouble now. We will have to rescue them. Again."

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Teaching Notes:
This page uses a Flash animation to put more than one image in one place. It's fairly easy to do - just a couple of Tweens and a bit of care and attention. I'll do a guide on how to do it at some point.
The Flash includes a couple of sound files. In retrospect I should probably have stopped the animation at the end of the first run through using some simple ActionScript (it does go on and on and on and on...).

This is certainly taking the multimedia aspect of the project to a higher level. You could use any number of images and do anything you want with the images first (so use speech bubbles etc...). A good story will probably use this technique on at least one page I think.

I got some feedback on this page from a 9 year old. He said he thought the sound could be better (I agree) and that the animation distracted him from the story (I saw his eyes move away from the story as soon as the animation began as well). He suggested a button to make the animation work would be better. I agree with him.

As a result I improved the animation. You can see my improved version on the alternative chapter 7 page.

The sound is the same sound from Page 1. All of your pages should have different narration on them.