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The Tell Tale Project

The CIDA and DIDA courses are now finished and will not run anymore.
I’ll keep these pages up for a while as there are some useful resources for me on them. Any future resources will be on the Creative iMedia pages.

For Tell Tale you need to tell a story.

The audience for your story needs to be carefully defined. They have to be aged 5 to 11, but you need to choose a subgroup within that. What appeals to 5 year olds is (usually) different to what appears to 11 year olds.

Han Solo's Bad Day...

I've produced some examples showing you the sorts of multimedia story telling techniques you could use.

> Go to the Story Index for Han Solo's Bad Day

You should know that planning, up front storyboarding and detailed assets tables are an absolute must for this project. Take these seriously - the markgrid does.

Here's an example of my assets table for my story pages (Han Solo's Bad Day). You can see how detailed it is and the sorts of things I've included.

PDF iconMy assets table (so far)


Storyboards must be completed up-front - i.e. before you start to make the project.

I've also completed two storyboards for the first page in the set. One of these is a good one and one a bad one. Your aim should be to model the good one!

PDF iconEffective storyboard for page 1. This contains some notes about the design decisions I've made but there would need to be more of these somewhere else - either on other designs or on the e-portfolio page or on another document. It would also need some feedback from other users showing how I've changed my designs based on their feedback. Without these elements even a good design like this is unlikely to get more than 4 marks.

PDF iconPoor storyboard for page 1. You can see that this is just a really simple diagram. It's not going to get me more than 2 marks - maximum. To add marks I need more detail and a list of assets to start with, followed by notes on my design decisions and feedback.

Note that if all my pages are going to look very similar then I only need a detailed design for the first page. I can then simply give an outline design and list the assets I'd need for the other pages. Listing the exact assets for every page is important.