That Blue Square Thing

Clueless II

This is a live SPB. That means that people are currently working towards producing portfolio work for it.

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The target audience is "18-24 year olds". You need to try to keep this in mind when you're developing your products.

The purpose of the project is to build an interactive brochure to attract people to buy a water sports holiday with Splash Out.


You need to produce four sets of designs for this project.

Make sure that you write plenty on your designs. It is important to explain why you have made the choices you have.

1. Navigation Screen design: a design sketch is needed

2. Try Surfing Animation design: a storyboard of some kind is needed. This needs to show what will happen in the animation - which needs to be about 25 seconds long. Make sure you include the music that needs to go with the animation on your design.

3. New This Year design: a series of sketches to show ideas for the design of the gallery. The gallery needs to include photos and writing about the three new sports.

4. Activities Movie design: a timeline storyboard is needed. The movie needs to be about 60 seconds long and needs to include still images of different water sports activities and video footage of people talking about doing the activities. You will need to film the video footage yourself.

A script will also be helpful for the activities movie task - what are people going to say?