That Blue Square Thing


The CIDA and DIDA courses are now finished and will not run anymore.
I’ll keep these pages up for a while as there are some useful resources for me on them. Any future resources will be on the Creative iMedia pages.

This is a live SPB. That means that people are currently working towards producing portfolio work for it.

A trailer for a product for reception aged primary school children and their teachers. The main audience seems to be the children - so there may be issues with reading ability that you will need to consider.

> Spellbound Level 2 SPBwiki link - the exam board pages

The trailer will probably work best as a series of web pages with embedded media in them. Some initial ideas I had include:


The teachers notes clarify a few things about the requirements for the products.

Splash screen - you need to "aim for something which is animated and attracts the attention of a young audience."

Navigation screen - must be "interactive". This means stuff needs to happen on the screen - it can't just be a still screen.

Meet the Wizard animation - this requires a "proper" animation and a voiceover. The voiceover needs to be "recorded" - which probably means not using text to speech. The product is an animation and needs to be made either as a keyframe animation (i.e. in DrawPlus probably) or a stop-motion animation (i.e. in Monkeyjam or similar). You need to "be clear that proper animations are required". In particular, "a still image moving across the screen is not enough". It is acceptable to use computer animation, 2D stop motion assets or even 3D models.

Magic Quiz - Your quiz needs four questions. Each question must present an object "connected with the magic theme". This means the objects must be obviously magical. Users then need to be able to "enter or select the correctly spelt names of the objects"

Demo movie - This can use still images, screeshots and video footage. It needs to run for around 60 seconds - anywhere between 50 and 70 should be fine. You must create the video footage yourself.

The movie must "show the Spellbound learning package in use". It must include "learner and teacher feedback" - this could be sound or words on screen. Remember - learners are 4-5 years old; teachers are adults.

Contact screen - must be an "adapted version of the opening splash screen" with the contact details on it.

Target Audience

The target audience for these projects is slightly tricky and the SPB seems a bit vague about it.

The audience for the actual e-learning package is obviously young kids - Reception and Year 1 age. These are people who are still just learning to read and will be sounding out words. Things like long vowel sounds and the "magic e" will cause problems.

The movie and so on would seem to be more aimed at their teachers though - but the SPB is really quite vague about this.

I would say a key idea will be to make it clear in your design notes what you consider the audience to be for each piece. This will help you to justify your design decisions anyway - which is probably a good thing...

The Wizard

The Wizard needs to be an original character which you design and create. It will need to be an image file of some kind.

I've put some ideas about ways to draw cartoon characters on new page. Think about your skills and what you're good at first - then go for it.