That Blue Square Thing

Rave & Rant

The CIDA and DIDA courses will stop after Summer 2019. This means that unless you're starting Year 11 in September 2018 you won't be able to count this course as a GCSE subject. Which is a shame.
If I teach you and you're not going to be in Year 11 in September, then you probably need to look at the Creative iMedia pages.

This is a live SPB. That means that people are currently working towards producing portfolio work for it.

> Rave & Rant Level 2 SPBwiki link - the exam board pages

The target audience is "14-16 year olds". You need to try to keep this in mind. It's you - what appeals to your age group and why?


You need to produce 4 sets of designs. These need to go on the Designs page of your e-portfolio.

You will find templates on the storyboard page if you need to print them to work on.

1. Image Gallery: - you need a sketch of a possible lay out for your image gallery. Make sure this is labelled in some detail. Use the labels to explain the decisions you have made.

2. Rave: You need a visual timeline to show the way your rave will look. This needs to be visual (have images on it) and be an obvious timeline. This means you need to include approximate timings, starting from 0 and ending somewhere between 30 and 45 seconds.

Label your timeline in detail and, in particular, make sure you cover how the music/sound will work with the animation. How it will synchronise.

3. Rant: You need two things for this - a script and a storyboard. The storyboard needs to give some idea of how the slideshow will work, including the animations you will include.

Again, make sure you label the storyboard in detail to explain the design decisions you have made.

4. Vox Pop Video: You need some design sketches to show how your Vox Pop screens might look. I would focus on giving some ideas about elements such as captions and images etc... to use.