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The CIDA and DIDA courses are now finished and will not run anymore.
I’ll keep these pages up for a while as there are some useful resources for me on them. Any future resources will be on the Creative iMedia pages.

> In the News Level 2 SPBwiki link - the exam board pages

A news report in six parts needs to be produced.

Some key points to remember are:

And try and be really creative and produce something that looks super cool. Honestly.

PDF iconExample design sketch for an opening sequence

PDF iconExample assets table - this uses a 3 column approach. There are lots of other ways to do this.

PDF iconExample of feedback on a screenshot - this is a good way to keep a record of feedback from a named test buddy. I could extend this to show how I'd improved my work. This is the sort of thing that gains marks in multiple areas of the markscheme.

Story Ideas

The story has to be about youth achievement in some way. Make sure you have a clear achievement in there. Some possibilities might include:

The achievement can be anything so long as it's clearly an achievement of some kind, is sensible and you can film something about it. You don't need to film the achievement itself of course - but you do need to be able to film people talking about it.

PDF iconExample proposal document - as an idea for the sorts of things to include, especially in the components section

Structure of the Headline Story

A really boring headline story which loses lots of marks would be filmed with just one person talking to a camera.

A more interesting structure is to build in a number of different shots in the film. These could include action shots (probably with a voiceover), shots of a reporter talking to the camera and interview shots.

So, one possible structure might be:

This would give me a headline story nearly 2 minutes long, which is probably about right. It might end up being a bit longer, which is OK - but you need to get it long enough to get up to the 3-4 minute length for the whole thing.

Of course, you don't have to do it this way. You might prefer to put the stills at the start or have several interviews or might not be able to use an action sequence at all. That's OK - this is only a possible structure!

There are lots of good resources on the BBC News Report website. A good starting point is a Filming Masterclasswiki link which talks about lots of interesting shots you could include.

I produced some simple storyboard designs to show my structure. You can look at them here. I annotated them to show what I intended to do but would want to add detail about why I wanted to do that I think. This is only a rough idea but I found it helpful to plan my story this way.

PDF iconOutline storyboard for headline story - part one

PDF iconOutline storyboard for headline story - part two

Whole Report Structure

Getting to at least 3 minutes might be a bit tricky. Here's an idea of overall structure and timings.

I'm sure there are other structures you could use. These are just an idea.