That Blue Square Thing

Clueless II

The CIDA and DIDA courses are now finished and will not run anymore.
I’ll keep these pages up for a while as there are some useful resources for me on them. Any future resources will be on the Creative iMedia pages.

This is a live SPB. That means that people are currently working towards producing portfolio work for it.

> Clueless II Level 2 SPBwiki link - the exam board pages

The target audience is "adult quiz players". You could interpret this as really specialist quizzers - people who do lots of quizzes. If you did then you'd need to make the questions hard (I imagine the ones in the European Quizzing Championships are like that). Or you could think more of general quizzes - more along the lines of Pointless.

Make sure that your decision is clear in your proposal.

Feel like writing an excellent proposal? This will take some work, but there's a page on writing top class proposals you might want to check out.


The teachers notes clarify a few things about the requirements for the products.

Title screen - you need to "aim for something which is animated and attracts the attention of the target audience (adults)."

Colour choices are interesting. When I looked at the sample quiz intros below people noted quite a lot of blue. Someone clever looked up the psychology of colour on the internet. Might be interesting to look for this sort of thing.

Category screen - for your work "only one link needs to function. This link should lead to the sample question screen."

Sample question - you can use any appropriate software for this. You may ask for help coming up with a question that will allow you to create three meaningful clues. This needs to be part of your proposal anyway, so check your question and clue ideas at that point.

The teachers notes add that in the final quiz, players will need to answer 10 questions in a row right to complete the quiz. A wrong answer will mean the player has to start again with a different set of questions.

Three clues - These are three multimedia pieces.

A cryptic clue is going to be tricky. If you want to know more about cryptic clues then try an article from the Puzzler magazine. You could try an anagram as a first go - there are lots of web anagram creators available.

Wrong answer animation - this is an animation and needs to be made either as a keyframe animation (i.e. in DrawPlus probably) or a stop-motion animation (i.e. in Monkeyjam or similar). You need to "be clear that proper animations are required". In particular, "a still image moving across the screen is not enough". It is acceptable to use computer animation, 2D stop motion assets or even 3D models.

Congratulations finale - the timeline storyboard needs to be detailed and pay attention to the "intended synchronisation between the proposed animation and the music track". The finale "must run for approximately 20 seconds".

Quiz Shows

Some examples of styling and intros. These are You Tube links and so won't work in school.

QI intro


Pointless - between rounds animation

University Challenge

Who wants to be a millionaire

Hye Lotto - Armenian apparently

Only Connect - OK, this is my favourite quiz show. Certainly designed for adult quiz players.

Only Connect - between rounds animation

Blockbusters - aimed more at kids but a classic opening sequence


SciShow Quiz Show - seems like an internet thing

A geography quiz from Trivia Plaza as an example of a very basic online multiple choice quiz.