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Circuit board imageCiDA - or the Certificate in Digital Applications if you prefer - is an applied ICT course. There's an exam on web design stuff worth 25% of the marks and a portfolio based on a project brief (or SPB) worth 75%.

The Tell Tale page has some examples of story telling techniques that you might be interested in taking a look at. They aren't too advanced and are easily doable with a bit of thought and planning.

Exam Preparation

Exam prep material for the CIDA exam can be found at CIDA Exam Prep

Planning and Organising

Before you start working you need to have a long, hard think about the project brief and get yourself organised.

PLTS and stuff

I think PLTS are pretty much dead nowadays. I'll leave this bit here anyway - I'm sure something similar will come back again at some point...

Diploma people (if there are any left) might also want to check the PLTS recording sheet. You should find that CiDA work allows you to check off a bunch of PLTS (perhaps with the exception of Teamworking).

PDF iconPLTS recording sheet

MS Word icon PLTS recording sheet - an MS Word version you can type straight in

I think PLTS and Diplomas and stuff have gone out of fashion a bit just now. I'll leave these up here for now - this sort of thing is bound to come back at some point...


> The CiDA pages at Edexcelwiki link - this is here for my benefit mainly as I can never find the pages quickly enough otherwise!