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Crawdale Summer Sports Exam

The CIDA and DIDA courses are now finished and will not run anymore.
I’ll keep these pages up for a while as there are some useful resources for me on them. Any future resources will be on the Creative iMedia pages.

The Crawdale Summer Sports exam paper was set in January 2015. The resources are all available on the Edexcel website (or on the school network if I teach you).

I sat down and decided to do the exam myself, taking about 2 hours to complete it. I've published the site and put it on the web. An adapted version of the markgrid is also provided.

For more about the CIDA exam and the skills you need to complete it, check out the CIDA Exam Prep page. There are some specific tips at the bottom of this page.

I know that my site isn't perfect - I did it as if I were in an exam so I wouldn't expect it to be. The aim is that by going through the markgrid and trying to mark my site that you'll get a better idea of the ways in which the exam paper is marked. The logic is that if you understand how it's marked that you'll be better at doing it (and won't make some of the mistakes I made...).

You would be best off with a printed copy of the markgrid. You'll need to make reference to the screenshots as well as the site I produced.

The Crawdale Files

My Crawdale Summer Sports exam website - right click and open in a new tab

PDF iconThe adapted markgrid

PDF iconFiles screenshots - showing file types and sizes used

You should be able to work through the markgrid using these materials and give a mark out of 44. I didn't do the evaluation which is worth the remaining six marks!

Note that your setup and the web browser you use to view my Crawdale site might mean that some pages view slightly differently. For example, the advert image doesn't seem to show at all for me using Safari at home. At work it shows in Google Chrome and IE. I know why - but I don't know how to make WebPlus not do what it's done!
Just mark the site as you see it.

The Odd Folders

When WebPlusX7 publishes a site it always bundles the images involved with the pages. It also creates two folders - wpimages (odd images it uses for navigation and so on) and wpscripts (some javascript for things like rollovers and a css file for layout).

There's nothing really you can do about this behaviour, you just need to be aware that it will happen.

Copyright Notes

So, the resources that I've used probably belong to Edexcel. I'm going to suggest that my use falls under a Fair Use doctrine as my use of the materials is specifically for the sole purpose of study (by my students). Note that there is and will be no direct or indirect commercial purpose. I do not gain any revenue from operating this website and have no intention of doing so in the future.

If there's a problem with my use of any of the materials linked to from this page then please contact me.

Completing the exam

You'll need access to the files - these are on the school network. You'll also want to look at the following guides perhaps:

PDF iconRollover Buttons Guide - needed for the navigation bar

PDF iconAdvanced Textbox Skills - for the width and floated image skills

PDF iconAnimations Guide - for inserting the flash file

There's the usual range of image editing skills as well, so check out the guides on the Image Editing Skills page.

Note that on a student user area at school the Flash file (the swf animation) doesn't want to play properly when the site is published. It will, however, play perfectly well when I take the files to my computer. The same is true of marquee text (scrolling text). This is a technical problem that I'm trying to get fixed (but which might not get fixed for everyone).