Typing apeDave World!

Welcome to Dave World!

Dave the HamsterHi. I'm Dave.

As you can see from my picture I'm a hamster. Ace isn't it?

As well as being a regular, run of the mill hamster, I'm also an evil genius aiming to take over the world using only my skills of cunning, wheel running and the ability to juggle sunflower seeds whilst balancing on a skateboard. And trust me, the ability to juggle whilst balancing on a skatebaord is not easy. Especially when the skateboard's being used by someone else...

Feel free to look around my website. I built it all myself using double sided sticky tape and my geek ability. It's useful being a geek if you have evil plans to take over the world.

Make sure you check out my Evil Plans especially - you really need to see quite how evil and cunning they are. In fact, my middle name is evil.

So, until we meet again (at which point I'll be armed with a laser about to take over Sizewell <cackle>)...