That Blue Square Thing

Computer Science GCSE

Note: this page deals with the old Edexcel GCSE (grades A-G) which no longer exists. I'm keeping it as an archive and because a number of the resources will still apply to newer (grades 1-9) courses. The AQA GCSE CompSci pages deal with a current course.

Blue Square Cakes

This is a programming problem scenario that I'm putting up here. It's reasonably simple but needs some thought. It isn't too hard to complicate this further if needed - see below for examples.

The key aim is to show what a test plan might look like and how to develop it. There are details in the client brief and an example test plan that I did. I've also included a spreadsheet - because I found it helpful to develop a quick one to work out the costs!

This does not include a coding solution. It's a little too close to something important to do that just yet... It shouldn't be too hard though - a hint is that you need to use a for loop and the loop will be dependent on how many cakes you want to buy...

The scenario

Blue Square Cakes makes cakes to order. As you can see from the client brief they're stupidly expensive. Don't worry about the logic of that - worry about how to test it and how to code it!

Note that you should assume that there is no need to validate data entry for this problem. That means you don't need to check the user entered valid numbers. So, there's no need to check if they entered -7 or 3.14 cakes to order - both of which would be wrong (to start with, 3.14 cakes is impossible; that's clearly a pie...). You can just assume that the user enters sensible data.

PDF iconClient Brief and Testing Instructions - outlines what is required and a way of developing a basic test plan

I've then developed a potential test plan. This might not quite be complete, but it shows the sort of thing you might do. The actual output and result column would be filled in after testing is done.

PDF iconTest plan - the sort of level you might take a test plan to

PDF iconCakes spreadsheet - I knocked this up quickly to help me calculate the correct totals for my test plan. You could always do something similar in controlled assessment time if you felt it was necessary.

Useful bits and bobs

You may find some of these useful at this stage. There might be other useful stuff elsewhere in this part of the site as well.

PDF iconFor loops - a bit more general use of for loops

PDF iconWhile loops - while loops and how to use them

PDF iconTesting - an introduction