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Computer Science GCSE

Note: this page deals with the old Edexcel GCSE (grades A-G) which no longer exists. I'm keeping it as an archive and because a number of the resources will still apply to newer (grades 1-9) courses. The AQA GCSE CompSci pages deal with a current course.


The building blocks of the web. And needing nothing more complex than a text editor and a web browser.

Homework: work on developing your HTML and CSS skills using the materials from class.

In particular, make sure you can use:

  • lists (ol and ul)
  • hyperlinks (anchor tags)
  • images (img tags)

You can also extend your HTML knowledge yourself - there are lots of guides online. A good central point for learning how to do really interesting things is the W3C Schools site. It's a good place to be aware of and to find out more when you need to.

The W3C coordinate the development of HTML and CSS - they run the rules for tags essentially. They know what they're talking about.

HTML & CSS Files

The files you'll need are...

PDF iconBasic HTML - instructions from class. These are largely the same as they were in class just now, but I will add some things to them and try to make them a little clearer before the end of the weekend. It'd rather get them up here for now.

The Basic HTML website folder is here. Make sure you put all this stuff in one folder. The images need to go inside their own folder - just as in class. That's best practice - otherwise you find your web folders get all messy.

Text file iconBasic Page - to download just right click and save as

Text file iconHistory page - to download just right click and save as

Text file iconCode image - to download just right click and save as

Text file iconFirefox image - to download just right click and save as

And the PowerPoint slides I used in class are here as well. For reference.

PDF iconIntro to HTML - introductory slides from class