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Computer Science GCSE

Note: this page deals with the old Edexcel GCSE (grades A-G) which no longer exists. I'm keeping it as an archive and because a number of the resources will still apply to newer (grades 1-9) courses. The AQA GCSE CompSci pages deal with a current course.

Exam Prep

There is one 2 hour exam to test all of the knowledge and understanding. This is worth 75% of the mark, with the other 25% coming from programming coursework (which must be done in the Spring term of Year 11).

For now, this page has some exam style questions that I've written and/or adapted. There are other questions on individual pages dealing with smaller sections of knowledge and understanding - this page will have the more wide reaching exam style questions which often deal with different parts of the course in the same question.

Algorithm Questions

A question dealing with the use of a trace table first, with a walk through of the table showing how it's built up line by line.

PDF iconPainting Trace Table question - this is just the use of a trace table

PDF iconPainting Trace Table workthrough - works through line by line showing how to build the table up

PDF iconPainting program - Python code to implement the algorithm to show how the same idea works in practice

Next a question requiring a trace table but with some other, broader questions as well.

PDF iconSwimming club question - requires a trace table as part of the question, but also has a wide range of other questions

PDF iconSwimming club answers

PDF iconSwim club program - Python code to implement the algorithm from the swimming club part of the question to show how the same idea works in practice

And a flowchart and algorithm question - these are skills that are well worth working on as they involve thinking rather than simply knowledge.

PDF iconRail company algorithm question - asks for a flowchart and an algorithm to be written. This is from a sample paper slightly adapted. I doubt this sort of question would be used in a real paper with so many marks on open ended parts.

Year 10 Mock Exam

The Year 10 mock exam paper that I set in June 2016. I'll not use this again so I think it can go up here. Once you've done the exam...

PDF iconYear 10 Mock Exam.

PDF iconMarkscheme.