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Computer Science GCSE

Note: this page deals with the old Edexcel GCSE (grades A-G) which no longer exists. I'm keeping it as an archive and because a number of the resources will still apply to newer (grades 1-9) courses. The AQA GCSE CompSci pages deal with a current course.

Hardware & Software

You need to know some of the basics about how hardware and software works on a computer.

This includes the ways in which computers process commands - the input-process-output model and the fetch-decode-execute cycle.

PDF iconDigital Computer definition - what we're dealing with here

PDF iconHardware parts - the set of images I used in class

PDF iconHardware Components - what you need to know. Includes definitions of input and output devices, which comes up in a couple of other odd places

Input - Process - Output Model

The Input - Process - Output cycle is a key idea when we're thinking about the ways input and output devices interact with a digital computer system.

PDF iconThe IPO Model - a single slide

PDF iconIPO Question - exam style question using a pseudo code algorithm


The way in which the CPU works is important to understand, in particular how the Fetch - Decode Execute cycle works.

PDF iconThe CPU - the components - slides going through the parts of the CPU you need to understand about

PDF iconThe CPU - a "text book" double page spread with a bit more detail and development than the slides

PDF iconMemory - a little more about how RAM works

PDF iconFetch - Decode - Execute cycle - the basics

PDF iconFetch - Decode - Execute cycle - how it all works with some detail