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AQA Computer Science GCSE

July 2019: the AQA CompSci area is almost complete. Most of the content for units 3-6 is now up and there's quite a lot of Unit 7 material. There's still some work to do, particularly on Paper 1 units, but it's getting there.

Boolean Logic Intro (Year 9)

Boolean Logic is just using Boolean expressions to work out True and False statements. The problem is that it can become a bit tricky.

PDF iconBoolean Logic Basics - slides I use in class

PDF iconBoolean Logic - an introduction to the ideas behind Boolean logic and how it might be used

PDF iconBoolean Logic and Truth Tables - the use of compound Boolean expressions complicates things

PDF iconQuestions on Boolean expressions

PDF iconMore questions on Boolean expressions

Year 11 Boolean Logic - circuits and cool stuff

PDF iconTruth Tables Return - some revision of the basics

PDF iconTruth Table Checker - what operators does what?

Then there are logic circuit symbols, which make questions a bit more complex but aren't actually all that hard. Once you've had a go and figured out how it works.

PDF iconLogic Symbols - slides I use in class

The tricky bit is figuring out what the diagram is showing each time.

PDF icon3 Logic Circuit Diagrams - diagrams to think through

PDF icon3 Diagrams - a single page for printing

Drawing Logic Diagrams

Then you need to be able to construct a diagram from a description...

PDF iconDrawing logic circuits - demo slides from class

PDF iconDrawing Circuits - Exercise 1 - these are the same questions from the slides

PDF iconDrawing Circuits - Exercise 2 - more questions

PDF iconDrawing Circuits - Exercise 3 - yet more (and harder) questions

There are blank diagrams here if you need to print them:

PDF iconBlank Logic Cicuit Diagrams

Using Gate Diagrams

Sometimes you'll be given a diagram with unknown gates and a logical statement and asked to work out which gate goes where. This can be a bit tricky.

PDF iconGate diagrams - demo slides from class