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Applied ICT A Level Unit 8 - Project Management

Note: this page applies to the AQA Applied ICT A level specification. This exam was withdrawn in 2012, with final exams in 2013. The content will be retained as an archive and because it has some stuff that might be quite useful for someone or other

Mobile phonePart 6 - Odds and Ends

All the odd bits that don't fit anywhere obvious...

Odd 1 - Make sure you've told the story.

This contributes the marks for AO4 row 3 - the "problem" here is what you needed to actually produce. Use a narrative for this, cross referenced to minutes, e-mails, testing evidence and anything else that you've produced. Try to make sure it all makes sense. Sort of anyway...

PDF iconSome ideas to show how you might tell the story. You might include lots of tables and screenshots in this so it might end up being quite long - but the number of words probably won't be that many. Perhaps.

Odd 2 - How you solved problems

As in specific problems which occurred in the project. This is AO3 row 4 - there are 2 marks here. This could cross reference to unexpected events (AO3 row 3), but it can be other things as well. It's all about you for the 2nd mark.

Odd 3 - Proactive solutions

Don't forget that you need to try and show how you were proactive in developing skills (which can often link to solving problems of course) for AO1 row 4. Be really clear about how you did this.

This could involve using forums (screenshots please), sending e-mails (screenshots please), bringing in consultants (some form of evidence - a witness statement or screenshots of e-mails would be good), using help features (err, yes, screenshots please) or books (which ones, where did they come from, how was this proactive etc...). OK?

Odd 4 - Providing ICT Support for Others

This is the weirdest bit of the markgrid - it's AO3 row 2. This doesn't fit awfully well with anything - perhaps with proactive skill development.

You need to have evidence that you helped someone develop some skills. E-mails, handouts or guides you produced, witness statements, photographs (which will almost certainly be staged) etc... are needed. The test is that you've taught someone how to do something and then they can go and do it themselves.

Watch the distinction between demonstrating something (perhaps using an interactive whiteboard?) and explaining something. Tricky eh?

The thing is, you've almost certainly done this bit. By this stage you're all good and all help each other out all the time (even if you do sometimes get cross with each other...). This thing is that you have to evidence it...

A witness statement may be just the thing you need to evidence this...

MS Word iconWitness Statement Form

Odd 5 - How to evidence

I thought I'd show you a few examples of effective ways to evidence specific bits of work. You might use this sort of thing in any section of the write up. The key is the page numbers, which become no less of a pain when you're 42 if that helps...

PDF iconPersonal objectives cross referenced

PDF iconProject objectives cross referenced

PDF iconEvidence of project management role

You will probably need to get all sorts of odd evidence. Only so much of this can be screenshots of photos and the like. Some of it is likely to need feedback, surveys or witness statements. An example is:

PDF iconFeedback form

The Ends:

Don't forget that you need to have evidenced how you effectively communicated (AO2 row 2), standard ways of working (AO1 row 6), how you managed your part in the project using tools such as Google Tasks (AO2 row 3), dealt with time management (AO4 row 6) and used technical terms about all this stuff really, like, proper dude (AO4 row 7).

And then you may have your life back.


You should be able to show evidence of: