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Applied ICT A Level Unit 1 - ICT and Society

Note: this page applies to the AQA Applied ICT A level specification. This exam was withdrawn in 2012, with final exams in 2013. The content will be retained as an archive and because it has some stuff that might be quite useful for someone or other

Mobile phone imageSection I & J - Making

You need to make the publications and evidence how you did this. This will involve using lots of screenshots.

Note that all annotations can be done by hand if that's easier.

You need to do four sets of things (note: 1 & 2 are related to row I; 3 & 4 to row J of the markgrid):

1. Show what features you've used in the publication (row I)

This can be done on screenshots or on regular print outs. You need to annotate features such as bullet points, tables, changes to font types and sizes and colours, applying headings, adding horizontal rules, adding images (with Alt text filled in), aligning images left or right and more complex things like creating Layout Objects using Divs and then using CSS rules to style them.

Note: be really methodical about this. Each feature you use deserves some screenshots - sometimes just the one, but sometimes they may need more than one.

2. Show how you produced these features (row I)

You need to show evidence of how you did the things in 1 - screenshots showing how fonts were changed for example. You then need to explain why the features you've used are fit for purpose for the target audience. You can do this on either (or both) sets of prints.

Note: you might find that you can combine 1 & 2 and just use sub-headings for each feature.

3. Show how your work was built up/composed (row J)

This will need to show how the basic pages of your publication were laid out and how content was then added. It would be best to do this as you produce the pages perhaps - or, at least, best to produce the screenshots. You don't need to repeat steps on each page. You do need to annotate the screenshots to explain what you're doing at each stage.

This isn't the same thing as 1 & 2 - those are about the mechanics of what you used. This is about building the page structure using Divs, adding text to the core Divs to create a template and then adding text and images to the individual pages. Some of the things you screenshot in row I might refer to that - but this row is more about the overall process.

4. Cross reference your research files to your content (row J)

In other words, show what text/image file went where. This can be done on either print outs or screenshots. You simply need to show exactly what file went where on the pages. It might be easier to do this annotation by hand.

This might involve quite a lot of screenshots. I tend to prefer to take screenshots straight into Paint and crop them down and save as a jpg file. Then I insert the jpgs into the documents I'm working with.

The Markgrid:

The four lines of the markgrid for rows I and J relate the the four things to do above.

Markgrid row I and J
Note: this markscheme is a copy of one which was available freely on the AQA Applied ICT webpages. It is copyright AQA and reproduced here simply to make access easier for students. No attempt to claim copyright is being made, although I could have copied the text into my own interpretation...