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Applied ICT A Level Unit 1 - ICT and Society

Note: this page applies to the AQA Applied ICT A level specification. This exam was withdrawn in 2012, with final exams in 2013. The content will be retained as an archive and because it has some stuff that might be quite useful for someone or other

Mobile phone imageSection C - Evaluation Criteria

You need to come up with evaluation criteria based on your analysis of the audience for your publication and the purpose of the publication.

Your evaluation criteria need to show:

You also need to describe how you arrived at the evaluation criteria. This could make reference to your research in section B. Be very specific when you refer to research - so say things like "the answers to question 3 and 4 in my layout survey show..." or "my analysis of similar web pages shows..."

PDF iconGrid showing possible generic evaluation criteria for writing tasks

Note that these are generic. Yours need to be specific to your publication and audience.

Presenting the Evaluation Criteria:

A tabular format is fine here.

No. Evaluation Criteria Quant or Qual? Audience Need Why is this appropriate for assessing this need?
1 7 web pages will be createdQuant Purpose I need to present a range of examples. Websites usually present one topic per page. I will use 7 pages to make sure that information is presented in this form.
2 Web pages will be in straightforward EnglishQual 3 Audience need analysis shows that all users identified preferred the pages were written in English. Because users knowledge of technical terms is varied the pages need to be straightforward and make sure that users aren't confused by technical terms

I would think that each audience need would require at least one evaluation criteria.

The Markgrid:

Here's the markgrid...

Mark grid row C
Note: this markscheme is a copy of one which was available freely on the AQA Applied ICT webpages. It is copyright AQA and reproduced here simply to make access easier for students. No attempt to claim copyright is being made, although I could have copied the text into my own interpretation...